With many people turning to vinyl records collection, the question of how to conserve them keeps rising. Safe storage of these records is key to allow them to continue gaining value.

This article will reflect on how to safely store your vinyl records or display them safely in your desired building.

How to prepare your vinyl records for long term storage?

Before storing records for long without using them, you have to clean them properly. You can use record cleaning brushes to wipe the dust off. For those that have more dirt and are not easily brushed off, use vinyl records cleaning solutions. Wet the special clothe with the solution and wipe your records clean in a slow circular motion to prevent causing damage to the record. Store records in a place free of vibrations, direct sunlight, and dampness. This place should allow air circulation to regulate temperatures.

How to store your vinyl records, so they can last longer?

Vinyl records can be destroyed easily by factors like heat, direct sunlight, excessive temperatures, and pressure. For your collection to last longer your storage methods should meet the above conditions. You should ensure that the records are well spaced and upright to avoid exerting pressure. Store your records in static-free polythene papers to prevent sticking original jackets on the records. To prevent the destruction of your records by static electricity, ensure that your storage equipment is wooden but not metallic.

How to use vinyl records for interior designing?

You can also prefer to store your records in a display to add to the aesthetic beauty of your house. If this is the idea, you should look for furniture that allows your collections to stand out and also add to the room’s beauty. Products like wall album rails, wall units, vinyl record shelf racks should be the main idea. They allow you to showcase your rich collection of vinyl records and keep them safely. You can get this furniture from companies like Tylko. They manufacture furniture of high quality, in all dimensions, and will deliver it to your home. Check out: https://tylko.com/shelves/vinyl_storage/


With the massive increase in value that the vinyl records are seeing, it is wise to invest in storing them safely. With their soaring values, one can also store the records in a display in their homes as a way of interior designing.